Breakfast FAQ's

I have some special dietary needs. Can I use the kitchen during my stay?
Due to San Juan County Health Department regulations, use of the kitchen by guests for food preparation is strictly prohibited. There is a refrigerator in each room for guests to store soft drinks, wine, leftovers, and medications.

We have to leave early to catch an early ferry. Can we still get breakfast?
For those catching an early ferry or kayaking with the sunrise, we offer breakfast on the go. This consists of yogurt and fruit parfait, hot egg sandwich, fruit juice, and coffee or tea. Simply inform us by 5:00 the evening before, and your breakfast will be ready for you at the designated time.

Do you have menus to accommodate dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant?
We will try our best to accommodate your allergies or restrictions while serving the same menu items to all guests. When you make your reservations, please list the dietary restrictions in the "special needs" section.